Is X-Ray radiation dangerous ?

X-Ray institutes perform radiography only if necessary. Exposure to dental X-Ray radiography is minimal and the damage is negligible. Damage that might occur from failing to treat teeth problems exceeds potential damage (if any) from X-Ray photographs. Taking precautionary measures and using proper machinery, focusing the ray and proper protective equipment reduces the potential damage.

Every dental institute must carry a valid license from the Ministry of Health for each X-Ray machine separately. The license is renewed annually.

To those who are concerned about the amount of radiation of X-Ray at the dental clinic, It can be said that the amount of radiation absorbed by dental photographs versus regular surrounding radiation we absorb daily certainly will surprise many.

Well, the amount of exposure on two bite photographs, equal to radiation absorbed during 8-10 hours of life (depending on the type of filter on the X-Ray device). Status photograph equal external radiation we absorb without being aware of it at 2-5 days of life, and panoramic radiography equals to 10-20 hours of cosmic radiation.

In comparison during a a status or panoramic radiography we absorbs 1 part of 20 from the amount of radiation we absorb during a one chest radiograph.