About Us

“Panocenter” is one of the earliest Teeth X-Ray Institutes in the Northern part of Israel, situated at Mount Carmel in Haifa.

We have at the Institute:

  • Permanent graduate X-Ray technicians staff, each shift manned by five technicians.
  • A large verity “State of the Art” low radiation imaging equipment situated at three different rooms, all certified by the Ministry of Health and permits by Soreq NRC.
  • Up to date instruments which include:
    • CT – i-CAT Next Generation from September 2012 , the most advanced low radiation machine in the world. ( Only another one in Israel)
      Digital Panoramic and Cefalometric X-Ray machine and product of MORITA – JAPAN.
      Three X-Ray machines for Periapical and Status imaging.
    • “Panocenter” holds agreements with all the insurance companies, HMOs, hospitals, and the Ministry of Defense. We recommend insured insurance companies determine appointments, and deliver insurance details.
    • All data is transferred digitally to the dentists via photos, CD / email / website, as well as hard copies. Hard copies can be delivered to the dentist or patient on demand.

Services rendered at the Panocenter

  • X-rays and CT for teeth and jaws photos.
  • Pictures for orthodontist.
  • Photos for Orthogenetic surgery.
  • Copies of X-rays
  • Faces and teeth pictures

You don’t have to make an appointment in advance (except for Orthodontic sets and Orthogen), but if you want to save time by not waiting in line, you are advised to make an appointment. In any case, the line is short since in each shift five certified Roentgen technicians work simultaneously at three different rooms.